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Elevate Your Game with MINOX 

In addition to high-quality eyewear, we’re proud to offer our patients an excellent selection of sports optics through MINOX. MINOX binoculars and riflescopes are made with cutting-edge German engineering. 

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Binocular Lines 

We understand that the quality and performance of your binoculars matter. As an authorized MINOX dealer, we’re happy to offer our patients nothing but the best in binocular selection. The following are a few of the binocular lines we carry. 

  • HG Series – uncompromising 
  • BL HD Series – comfortable and lightweight 
  • ML 8×56 / BL 15×56 – lightweight and powerful 
  • MD 62 – highly detailed 
  • MS 8×25 Macroscope – mini telescope for close and far

Riflescope Lines 

In sport, every small improvement can make a world of difference. Your riflescope is a key part of this. At Vision Veritas, we only offer our patients the best. This is why we carry the following MINOX riflescope lines. 

  • ZP Tac – precision reticles 
  • ZE-i – precision made in Germany 
  • ZA HD – fast and precise on target 

Experience the MINOX Difference

MINOX sports optics are designed with the highest quality and the user in mind. We can’t wait for you to see the difference MINOX can make in your sport!

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Our office is on the northwest corner of Prestonwood Boulevard and Beltline Road near the Panera Bread.

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